Kazakhstan, a central Asian country which split from the USSR in 1991, extends from the Caspian Sea in the west to the Altai Mountains at its eastern border with China and Russia and is listed among the safest countries in the world to travel to. It is a vast country with less population, covering one third of India and surrounded by Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkistan. Basically, it is a Muslim country, but 2% is compounded with Christian population. Attractively they are following a mixed culture. Capital of Kazakhstan is Nur Sultan.



 There is a large proportion of Indian students pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan and the rank of universities can be found using a world ranking list. This country has MCI/NMC listed universities and WHO approved universities. Top most universities in Kazakhstan are Karaganda State Medical University, Alfa Rabi University and Kazakh National Medical University. Universities in Kazakhstan are ensuring excellent education (higher education also) as well as nice exposure for students. No need to spend more time on studying their language as it is insisted to study only in the first year. Budget friendly universities and comparatively are of reduced duration of course. Teaching modern medicine using English medium.  Mainly following the European system, high student staff ratio and daily exams for analyzing the performance and capability of students while also conducting final exams and viva are some among the advantages of Kazakhstan. South Indian messes, Separate hostel facilities for girls and boys and better clinical exposure to students are available. MBBS students from this country have more clinical skills compared to other countries as universities are providing hospital practice from second year onwards. Universities are well equipped and follow the latest technologies and provide MCI coaching facilities to students. High quality infrastructure, affordable learning cost, Easy admission process and presence of so many top ranked universities when compared to Indian universities attracts search traffic.


  • Kazakhstan has an average FMGE result of 27.6 %.



Duration of the MBBS course is 4 years and 8 months, the same as that of India.



  • Candidate must have qualified NEET examination
  • Visit the website “for student study abroad “
  • Selection of old universities is advised rather than new universities as the number of students from Kerala is very less in new universities.
  •     Check if there any Indian representatives to guide students
  • Check rank of universities through” for icu.org” or “WHO” sites
  • Students should consider about MCI passing ratio, PLAB and USMLE reports
  • The universities have hostel facilities, and Indian messes are available in hostels. Universities with inside campus facilities are more preferred because of safety reasons.
  • Choose government colleges
  • Try to collect reviews from students who have already studied from respective universities before selecting a university.




  • The score criteria for MBBS study in Kazakhstan are 50% in PCB and 12th level exam for Indian students from English medium school can apply for an MBBS degree from Bangladesh.
    • Candidates of 17+years of age can apply to MCI approved medical colleges in Kazakhstan. The maximum age limit for pursuing MBBS course is 25 years.
    • NEET qualifying is mandatory.